Various - fitzcarraldo - original motion picture soundtrack

Julian Barnes - The Sense of an Ending (Jonathan Cape - Random House)
Sebastian Barry - On Canaan's Side (Faber)
Carol Birch - Jamrach's Menageri (Canongate Books)
Patrick deWitt - The Sisters Brothers (Granta)
Esi Edugyan - Half Blood Blues (Serpent's Tail - Profile)
Yvvette Edwards - A Cupboard Full of Coats (Oneworld)
Alan Hollinghurst - The Stranger's Child (Picador - Pan Macmillan)
Stephen Kelman - Pigeon English (Bloomsbury)
Patrick McGuinness - The Last Hundred Days (Seren Books)
. Miller - Snowdrops (Atlantic)
Alison Pick - Far to Go (Headline Review)
Jane Rogers - The Testament of Jessie Lamb (Sandstone Press)
. Taylor - Derby Day (Chatto & Windus - Random House)

Here the crew experienced the full brunt of all of the harrowing dangers the jungle has to offer, including disease, parasites, and incredible heat in one of the driest, hottest summers the region had ever experienced, all while toiling away to lug the immense vessel through terrain it was never meant to be on in order to satisfy a madman’s vision. More than a few people died under these hazardous conditions, and one person cut off his own leg with a chainsaw after being bitten by a venomous snake, but the focused and quite obsessed Herzog pushed ahead anyway. For all of this they were never able to get the ship to move very far, with it eventually being abandoned in the jungle, where it rots away to this day.

Some people will argue this gangster twist isn't even the best Coen brothers movie, but those people need to get hit in the face with a shovel, like the Dane got.

Agnès Varda: “Sometimes I go by myself to do location scouting. When I go by myself, something speaks to me in the place I’ve chosen and I think maybe I should take advantage of that.  We have to be working with chance. ‘Chance’ is my assistant director.”

Nina Burleigh writes The Bombshell column at The New York Observer. Her latest book is “The Fatal Gift of Beauty: The Italian Trials of Amanda Knox.”

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At one point, Coppola had to give back some helicopters because the government needed them for, you know, blowing up insurgents. The cast and crew could hear gunshots and explosions in the distance -- real ones -- but Coppola's main preoccupation at this point was about to adjust his schedule to accommodate the Philippine army's needs.

Various - Fitzcarraldo - Original Motion Picture SoundtrackVarious - Fitzcarraldo - Original Motion Picture SoundtrackVarious - Fitzcarraldo - Original Motion Picture SoundtrackVarious - Fitzcarraldo - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack