Tabby diamond eyes of africa

Note: Some mitted may also have something called a “blaze” present. This is a white marking between the eyes (on the nose). It can be just a little bit of white, or take up most of the face. Two common varieties are the “hour-glass” blaze, and the smallest version, a “diamond” blaze .

Torracat is based of a domestic cat, specifically a tabby cat, with a bell on a collar, like many cat owners have their cats wear. Its coloration is based on a tiger.

. (short for Kona Baby) is a handsome, playful and athletic 3-year-old black cat who was rescued as a young kitten and was raised in foster care. He remained very shy and wary for many months, but recently made a huge breakthrough and now enjoys rubbing up against legs and sitting on laps to ask for petting. He's a super mellow guy who is fantastic with other cats of all ages. Meet . at the AFRP Adoption Center in Pacific Grove - he's one of our "office cats," and we'd love to see him find happiness in a home of his own. He is good friends with Clara Belle, and they would make a great pair if adopted together. Sponsored By: Hannelore Hill

Tabby Diamond Eyes Of AfricaTabby Diamond Eyes Of AfricaTabby Diamond Eyes Of AfricaTabby Diamond Eyes Of Africa