The chamber strings - everyday is christmas

Speedy Recovery and Good Health Wishes  go out to Chamber Members Tony Kloeckl and Jim Amsden.  Tony had bladder surgery on December 21.  Some cancerous tissue was removed in that area.  Superintendent of Schools Jim Amsden had hip replacement surgery on December 22.   

In the second half of the 18th century, tastes began to change: many composers preferred a new, lighter Galant style, with "thinner texture, ... and clearly defined melody and bass" to the complexities of counterpoint. [11] Now a new custom arose that gave birth to a new form of chamber music: the serenade . Patrons invited street musicians to play evening concerts below the balconies of their homes, their friends and their lovers. Patrons and musicians commissioned composers to write suitable suites of dances and tunes, for groups of two to five or six players. These works were called serenades (sera=night), nocturnes, divertimenti, or cassations (from gasse=street). The young Joseph Haydn was commissioned to write several of these. [12]

Violin Superior - Strings for Performers. The new Superior synthetic core strings for violin usher a new era at Jargar . Now, Jargar can offer a top-notch

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"We have enjoyed BlueWater's concerts as well as the variety of music played. Your Artistic Director Carlton Woods is world class! The people we have brought to concerts are becoming BlueWater fans."

The Chamber Strings - Everyday Is ChristmasThe Chamber Strings - Everyday Is ChristmasThe Chamber Strings - Everyday Is ChristmasThe Chamber Strings - Everyday Is Christmas